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Able2drive Driving School
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About Able2drive driving school




Able2drive is a qualified Adelaide driving school focused on developing students to drive correctly

Our driving instructor teaches low risk driving skills that helps you to enjoy safe driving


If you want to learn driving then why wait ? Join one of the best driving school in Adelaide.


At Able2drive Driving School we combine quality service with competitive prices and are proud members of the Australian Driver Training Association.

Able2drive Driving School is based in Oakden and services a large area of Adelaide including most of the north/east suburbs.


Our driving lessons have been specifically designed to assist students in learning not only the facts and figures necessary to pass the driving test, but also the practical skills behind the wheel they will be tested on. Created as a step-by-step program, the Able2drive lesson plan is focused on teaching students as quickly and thoroughly as possible in an expedient manner so they can earn their licenses fast.

We offer students the flexibility they need to work lessons into their busy lives while providing students with the encouragement they need to learn and achieve. Also, we ensure that driving school students understand how to remain safe behind the wheel. We build up student confidence through careful training and skilled guidance.


When students complete a minimum of 12-15 hours through Able2drive they are guaranteed to pass the test the first time out when certain provisions are met.

Call us now at 0402 706 042 in Oakden, Adelaide,  and get the best deal for only $110 for an hour and $140  for an hour and half.

* Young drivers can even enjoy a student discount on classes of up to 5% off.



What We Do

Students who need driving lessons don’t want to waste their money on classes that won’t teach them everything they need to know to pass their exams and safely operate a vehicle. To ensure that beginning drivers get their money’s worth, each of Able2drive’ packages are designed to provide:

  • Value for the money – package lessons are always cheaper than individual lessons of any length;
  • $75 for an hour. $100 for and hour and half.
  • Fully customized lesson structures tailored to your specific requirements that help you learn the skills you need;
  • Lessons of any length you choose, above 1 hour, until your package hours are completed;
  • Pass Guarantee – Taking structured lesson packages automatically comes with a pass guarantee and after all the requirements are met.

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