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Driving Phobia




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People who fear to drive may experience trembling, sweating, accelerated pulse, or even loss of sense of reality. They tend to think of losing control while driving, even in situations that are reasonably safe. This fear can cause many people to avoid driving, create excuses for not driving. Some might even refuse to get a driver's license for years.


In Adelaide driving school Able2Drive we know how tough a decision to drive a car can be. We will make sure you are confident enough before letting you to the roads of Adelaide.







 How to overcome driving phobia



Create a calm environment in the car. You should feel comfortable just sitting in the car regardless of whether or not it's moving. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Practice sitting in the car and becoming relaxed before you begin driving. Consider playing soothing music. It may help you overcome a sense of rising panic and can drown out the noise of other cars;



Practice abdominal breathing. If you begin to feel a panic attack come on or your neck and chest muscles tighten, begin breathing deep into your lungs. Inhale slowly through your nose. Slowly exhale and let your whole body relax.Providing students with the encouragement they need to learn and achieve;



Try progressive muscle relaxation (PMR). Tighten and relax muscle groups in your body so that you become aware of how to hold and release tension. Repeat the exercise with other muscle groups, moving up your arms, to your head, then down the back of your body to your feet and toes;



Use positive affirmations. Affirmations are short positive statements that remind you that you can make changes. With driving, they might include: "Driving is a common, everyday activity. I am an alert driver participating in a common activity with care".



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